After scouring the internet, I have finally found four great examples of graphic design in order to fulfill the requirement for my digital media class this week.  So, here they are (drum roll please):

#4. The Red Cross ad for help for Pakistan

An advertisement by the Red Cross.

Here is a great example of taking advantage of the season.  As we approach the Holiday season, what better way to convince people to give than to use Christmas icons.  A snow globe?  Brilliant.  It represents the world, and of course the idea of helping people corresponds right with the Holidays.  Ethos is important here as well, and the picture and message are clear, which is always necessary for an effective graphic design example.  A good one, but still number 4.


An advertisement for the Mini Cooper

“Stop Crying.  It’s just hail.”  I love it.  What is the first thing we think of about a Mini Cooper.  Feminine.  Wimpy.  Nope, apparently not.  This makes the car appear more masculine, and note the nice use of yellow, a color that historically has been used to represent warriors.  The trifecta of yellow is great: border, car, “Always open” at the bottom.  The only bad part of the ad is that the bottom of the L is covered by the car.  Good ad.




#2. Another Red Cross ad:

Another Red Cross Ad.

Another effective ad.  It is humorous, and it is simple.  It is a great idea, using the idea of saving the world in a video game applying to helping the Red Cross.  The red is a nice contrast with the white, and the red cross there as the button is nice.  It make me laugh, but it also makes me want to help them.  Effective, clean, classy, funny.  What could be better?





The Number One Ad: McDonald’s

McDonald's Ad. This makes me laugh every time.  Everybody wants free Wi-Fi, and the food (as everyone knows) sells very well.  I like the brown of the wall; it is calming, and using the box to be a computer.  Funny.  Funny is always good, and I like the white contrast.  Just a great ad overall.