Finally, an opportunity to vent through this blog!  How I thought this day would never come!  So, here it is: My Top 5 Examples of horrendous graphic design:

#5: “Become a Fraction of Your Former Self”

Well, I have to give this designer credit   for a cute idea: making a fraction out the phrase involving a fraction.  The problem is that the line should not cut through the word, “Fraction.”  It makes it hard to read, and, by doing so, most of the comic effect is lost.  Also, why not just put the line subdividing “Become a Fraction” and  “Of your Former Self?”  You’d have to make the line a different color, but it would be much more appealing to the eye.  Not good, but, trust me, it gets worse.

#4: “Desktop Publishing for the Masses.”

This one is on the list for only one reason as well: It violates the most basic rule of all graphic design.  We design something to be legible.  It takes legitimate effort to read this ad.  If you did not notice, I would bet that your eye goes straight to “for the masses.”  Why?  It’s the only legible part of the ad.  “Desktop Publishing” requires way too much effort to read.  Otherwise, it is OK.  The colors pop, and are relatively pleasing to the eye, much unlike some of the others.

#3: Men at Work: Business as Usual

I must admit, I have not heard the album, but based on how it did in the charts, it has got to be better than the album cover.  Well, for starters, I like the idea of the yellow (caution color) for the band “Men at Work.”  But, what do mountains have to do with any of this?  That really bothers me.  Then, you have this amplifier underneath it, which I can say is OK, but what really, really gets me is the “Business as Usual” album title.  You can barely read it, as it is mixed up in a jumble of amplifier, steel, yellow, and black.  Also, what is the first object that grabs your attention?  For me, it was the cable running from the amp (presumably) to the guitar.  Other than the strange random mountain range running on top of the amp, that cable is the next least important piece of the album.  Also, the yellow is overkill.  It started out as a good idea, but, come on, who wants to stare at yellow for a particularly long time?  Not I.

#2: 1968 Mexico City Olympics Poster

If I were tripping on LSD, I might like this one.  Seriously, if you were lucky enough to make out the “Mexico” portion, did you catch the “68.”  I’ll give you a couple hours to look for it.  Yes, it is there, underneath the Olympic circles.  Honestly, if I did not know a little Olympic history, I would have thought it was the 1988 games, if I had been lucky enough to find the area where the numbers were.  These strange lines drive me crazy.  I mean 2001: A Space Odyssey had not come out yet, so what was the deal?  I fail to understand how they could let this go.  You can’t read it, and you are drawn into this helpless maze of disturbing lines.  Again, this must have been inspired by “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” which came out the previous year.  Other than tripping on LSD, I am not sure how anyone can like this or think it was a good idea.

#1: Fall Preview

First of all, I’m sorry you have to even look at this one.  Seriously, where do I begin?  The color scheme is hideous.  There is a difference between choosing colors that pop, and colors that are just plain ugly.  That green was an awful choice.  Not only does it make this odd man look more like a Grinch who was clearly on some sort of high, but it makes the viewer want to throw up.  On top of that, the word “Hot” is one of the few that is legible.  There is nothing “hot” about that Grinch dude or anything else on the cover.  Oh yeah, and you have to really squint to see the “Citilife” subtitle.  I think this “Fall Preview” contained the top 1001 reasons NOT to subscribe to the magazine.