“Get up in the morning and it’s just another day,
Pack up my belongings, I got to get away,
Jump into a taxi and time is getting tight,
I got to keep a movin’, I got a show tonight.” – Bad Company

Well, I guess it’s time to hit the road again.  One class over, my technology credits for high school earned, and now I’m movin’ on.  I was asked to give a critique of the Digital Media class that I am taking (the reason why I even have this blog), so here it goes:

Overall, the class was good.  I learned a lot of things that I never thought I would learn.  I learned the basics of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, differences between designing for web based media and print based media.  In addition, my favorite part of the class was the journalistic part.  Writing this blog was a good bit of fun, and I loved writing the obituaries.  It was a great experience to sort of have this crash course of journalism and design.  Though I will be a musician, and I can’t really see where this will help me, it is knowledge that I am glad that I have.  I am glad I took the class.

The only real problem I had with the class was the workload.  It was a lot more than I expected.  I felt that we had too many projects.  Between the 1 in 1000 project, the Prom ad design project, the court case analysis, color analysis, photo collage, it seemed like simply too much work.  Looking back on it, however, I’m not sure which project was not necessarily, therefore, I come to this conclusion: keep all the projects, but lessen the homework.

That would really be the only change I would make.  We had plenty of time for the projects, but it is difficult to do a great job on a project when you also have a caption due on Thursday, a blog post due on Friday, an AP Style Book Activity, and a quiz to study for.  So, I think that in order for the class to be more manageable, either some homework or some projects have to go.  I would say keep the projects and cut some of the homework.  Maybe simply not giving us a caption the week a project is due or a few less Style Book activities would do it.  I don’t feel as though I should be spending more time on Digital Media than I should on AP English Literature or AP French Literature, yet that was often the case.  That’s really my only critique of the class.  I enjoyed the material more than I thought I would, and it was, in general, a helpful and enjoyable class.